Bloating Solutions that Work!

Most of us are familiar with an uncomfortable, bloated feeling and some of us are well aware of the cause – overdoing it at a meal or a night out for example! For others, bloating is frequent, uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Unfortunately bloating is not a single, uniform experience that could be fixed with a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact there so many reasons why you could be bloating

For example some people sufferer due to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, indigestion or even premenstrual syndrome. For others it is caused by food, overeating or by swallowing air.  Being clear of your diagnosis can help create a better treatment plan. 

It usually feels like someone has pumped you up with air. You may also experience excessive fullness after eating, or your belly could be distended. For some it is painful.

If your symptoms persist, get worse over time or are accompanied by weight loss, nausea or vomiting, abdominal pain or changes in bowel habits including blood in your stool. it\’s best to check in with your GP to help fully understand the reasons why this is happening. 

When symptoms prevail it can really get you down.  It\’s common to look for a list of foods to avoid in the quest for bloating control. However this may not work, which risks further restriction and a cascade of negative effects on the body, for example following overly restrictive diets and/ or underrating and unavoidable stress!

The solution to your bloating will depend on the cause and potential triggers. What works for someone else may not work for you, unfortunately. That’s why we it is recommended to get a personalised plan, to get really clear and individualize your care. If you are struggling, I can help you identify your real triggers with realistic and manageable changes, so you can continue living your best life. Shout if you need me!

Top Bloating Solutions

Eat slowly and chew food well. The better you chew your food, the more efficiently you will digest it, leading to less food left in the stomach for fermentation.

Gradually increase soluble fibre in your diet. Remember to increase fibre slowing in your diet as it takes time for your gut to get used to fibre. Try adding one new fibre foods every 3-4 days and and keep foods soft and well cooked at the start before bulding up to more corse adn raw foods

Avoid talking with your mouth full. You’ll swallow more air.

Reduce or cut out fizzy drinks

Try to practice mindful eating – eating on the fly It can hinder digestion due

Try enteric coated peppermint oil capsules pre-meals

Drink fresh ginger tea -it helps with stomach emptying.

Go easy on the booze! It can irritate the gut and dehydrate.

Talk to your dietian about the suitability of the Low FODMAP Diet

Manage your stress e.g. diaphramtaci breathigns, gut-directed hypnotherapy can help

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