Why You Can’ t Go

Chronic constipation doesn’t just discomfort; it can dominate your life, leaving you feeling bloated, lethargic, and deeply frustrated, especially when the usual advice—to increase fibre, drink more water, or exercise—falls short of providing relief.

Lorraine Cooney brings a treasure trove of practical insights to the table, all of which are firmly rooted in scientific evidence and augmented by her extensive clinical experience. She provides you with tangible steps and effective strategies designed to liberate you from the clutches of constipation, enhancing your overall gut health in the process.

  • Publisher : Gill Books
  • Publication date : 6th June 2024
  • Format : Paperback

Food & Symptom Diary

‘This Gut Feelings Journal is a 60 page gut & mind monitoring journal that gently guides you to delve into the circumstances of your gut symptoms, uncovering patterns that are easy to track.

Each day, you’ll have prompts to log all factors that may be affecting gut symptoms such as food, fluid, eating behavior, medications, stress, sleep and activity levels as well as place to document on learnings and reflect. There will also be timely reviews to help better understand what’s going on in your body.

The physical act of writing helps focus your attention and inspires you to notice and make connections that will help you understand the unique response of your gut and it’s needs.

This is perfect to use with your healthcare provider or on your own to build more awareness’

Gut Feeling - Fodmap
Gut Feeling - Fodmap

Gut Feeling

The low FODMAP diet is increasingly recognised as the primary management strategy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), as it results in a significant reduction of symptoms in over 70% of people who try it.

However, cutting out FODMAPs (a group of short-chain carbohydrates which are frequently malabsorbed in the small intestine) can leave people at a loss as to how to eat well without using staples such as bread, pasta, dairy, onion and garlic.

This book changes all of that.

With 100 delicious recipes – including breakfasts such as Coconut and Mixed Seed Granola, healthy light bites like Prawn Rice Salad, and dinners that include Mexican Chicken Fajitas and Mediterranean Meatballs – you can find real relief and enjoy food once again