Gentle Low FODMAP

Overcome Dietary Challenges: This Gentle Low FODMAP Diet eBook provides the tools to navigate the diet with ease, helping you to overcome any past difficulties with confidence. 

Nourish Your Health: Don’t miss out on essential nutrients while enjoying delicious foods. Our gentle approach is designed for sustainable and healthy eating habits.

Master Food Reintroduction: If the Low FODMAP diet has been a challenge, especially when it comes to reintroducing foods, our guide offers a comprehensive solution.

Reset and Reintroduce: Start afresh with our eBook that introduces a two-week reset phase, preparing you for a successful and gradual reintroduction to a broader range of foods.

BONUS 1: The eBook comes with a 14-day Low FODMAP meal plan and a recipe guide, offering a variety of options for every meal.

BONUS 2: A Low FODMAP snack guide is also included, ensuring you have tasty and gut-friendly snack options readily available.

14 Day Meal Plan & Recipes JPG
14 Day Meal Plan & Recipes JPG


14 Day Low FODMAP Meal Plan and over 50 recipes to help make your Low FODMAP life easier

‘FODMAPs are a collection of fermentable sugars that can cause digestive issues for some people with gut symptoms. A low-FODMAP intervention is a diet recommended in health guidelines to treat IBS and its associated symptoms. Back by science, Lorraine brings you over 50 gut-optimizing and delicious low FODMAP recipes, so that you go through the FOMDAP diet, keeping one eye on following the restrictions needed and one eye on maintaining gut health!


7 gut friendly low FODMAP snacks and 2 low FODMAP stock recipes’

Get Unstuck: Your Guide to Beating Constipation

Struggling with persistent constipation even after diet and exercise changes?

Tired of feeling sluggish and reliant on laxatives?

Our concise eBook is your answer to managing constipation comfortably and effectively, whether you’re new to IBS-C or have faced it for years.

What You’ll Discover:

  • Easy-to-understand, evidence-based strategies to overcome constipation

  • Practical, step-by-step advice to implement a personalized plan.

  • Nutritional guidance on high-fibre foods, hydration, and superfoods for constipation relief.

  • Tips to align your lifestyle with a well-functioning digestive system.

  • Insights on the role of stress, sleep, and exercise in bowel health.

  • Expert recommendations on probiotics and supplements for long-term relief.

BONUS: 15 Smoothie recipes that promote regular bowel movements.


Get ready to live life with ease and say goodbye to constipation with our focused Constipation Workbook. Say hello to digestive health and freedom!