4 Common Constipation Mistakes!

These are  4 commom mistakes I see people make in my Gut Health Clinic:

Mistake 1. Not Recognizing constipation!

Occasional constipation can feel different to different people. Simply put, constipation symptoms vary from person to person depending upon their overall health. Some of us may experience only troubles with frequency, others may experience bloating, gas, abdominal pain, and nausea alongside.   An interesting recent study that one in three \’healthy\’ patients didn\’t recognise their symptoms of constipation at all. This is what I see at my Gut Health Clinic too!

Mistake 2.  You’ve not found your fibre sweet spot

Increasing fibre is mainstay of dietary advice for helping manage constipation. Fibre is both simple and quite complicated! In general, eating too much fibre is a less common problem than eating too little. 

For some people, eating more fibre is helpful. For others, it doesn’t help or can even make things worse. The type of fibre you take and how you consume it can make a big difference. Finding your ideal fibre intake is really important. I\’ll be demonstrating how to find your optimum fibre intake at the Mastercalss on Saturday!

Mistake 3: You may think drinking extra water will resolve the issue

Dehydration is a constipation risk factor. But overhydration however, does not improve constipation. Drinking more liquid than you need will not help in relieve or prevent constipation. So don’t have to be chuggin down those  3-4L with the view that this is going to help!

Mistake 4: Thinking it’s all about fibre and fluid!

Lack of fibre in diet results in decreased faecal bulk, which results in decreased peristalsis… But let’s not forget about eating behaviour, meal timing, effect of alcohol, toileting behaviours, sleep, exercise and relaxation, as these are also really improtant for the long term manangement of constipation.

If you want to learn how to dominate your constipation join me this Saturday at 11am where I will teach you ALL you need to know about experiencing a happier ending on the toilet seat. If you can\’t make it, it will be recorded so you can listen to it at any time in the future. And don\’t forget, I\’ll be sending you a comprehensive workbook to help you put your plans in place alongwith some smothies that help you go poo!

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