Why You Can’t Go 14 Day Diary

Why You Can’t Go 14 Day Diary


This a 14-day printable gut and mind monitoring journal aligns with my “Why You Can’t Go” book. It gently guides you to understand your constipation and helps you choose the right solutions by uncovering easy-to-track patterns in your gut symptoms.

Daily Prompts

  • Each day, you’ll find prompts to log various factors affecting your gut, including:

  • Food and fluid intake: What you eat and drink.

  • Eating behaviours: How and when you eat.

  • Medications and supplements: Any medicines or supplements you take.

  • Stress levels: Daily stressors and how you cope.

  • Sleep quality: Your sleep patterns and duration.

  • Activity levels: Physical activity and exercise.

Reflect and learn:
Dive deeper with dedicated spaces to document your learnings and reflections. This process not only helps you make connections between your lifestyle and gut health but also transforms your understanding of your body’s unique needs. The act of writing sharpens your focus, reveals hidden patterns and brings clarity to your gut’s responses. It’s a journey of mindfulness that paves the way to better gut health.


Review and adjust:
You’ll be prompted to review your progress after 2 weeks. This checkpoint is your opportunity to assess what’s working and what’s not, and help you re-set goals if needed, ensuring you’re on the right track to improved gut health.


Your perfect companion:
Whether you use this journal on your own to build awareness or share it with your healthcare provider for professional guidance, this journal is your partner in achieving a healthier, happier gut.

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